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Internet Social Networking- How It Can Affect You

The Internet provides many popular social networking choices today, such as Youtube, MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook, to name a few, but if you are not careful, what you put out there about yourself can harm your chances of getting that dream job.

Aside from customary reference checks of previous jobs, prospective employers are increasingly using these common internet sites as a means to quietly and informally investigate your background and discretely probe into your private life. Whether this is intentional or not, the fact remains that a future employer can and will use the internet to Google your name and visit these sites in order to check your past, which may reveal a concern to them. For example, for those job seekers who still have not cleaned up their MySpace or Facebook page, you are only decreasing your chances of obtaining a job. With the job market as tight as it is today, employers are not impressed with your pictures of last night's crazy party or that wild weekend with friends. That said, what you do in your own private life is your business. However, what you enter on,, or Twitter, will be exposed to the world.

In going forward, consider the following suggestions on what you can do to help make your social networking page "employer friendly."

  • Do not post photos or videos that you feel would potentially shock an employer.
  • Do not write anything that you feel would be too personal and/or embarrassing for an employer to read.
  • Be mindful of what you post in general.

If you are going to use social networking sites as a means to enhance your background, do not post anything offensive or embarrassing, which could hinder your job search.

By Wendy Oliveras


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