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Security in Your Current Job

There are indications all throughout our current economy that suggest our job market is moving in the right direction. However, it is no surprise to anyone that the past year has been a challenging time for most individuals. Many professionals suffered through mergers or acquisitions, were part of a layoff or downsizing, and ultimately lost their jobs!

If you were one of the “lucky ones” who were able to keep your job, consider yourself just that… lucky! It is critical that you position yourself as an employee that your company can’t live without.

The following four suggestions are actions you can do to secure your current job:

1. Go back to the basics. Make sure that you are responsible on a consistent basis. Get to work on time every single day. It’s not a bad idea to arrive 10 to 15 minutes before your start time, before everyone else. It is imperative that you have near perfect attendance. Employers take notice of the individuals who are at work every day. They know they can rely on you!

2. Maintain a positive attitude. It is impossible to be happy all the time. However, keeping a positive attitude most of the time is a great way to get the attention of your boss, and often their boss as well. The concept here is to become known as the employee that everyone likes to work with, everyone likes to be around. If there is team work required in your current job, you want to be the person that all other employees want on their team. If you are the one who sees the positive in most work situations, you will soon stand out in more of a leadership role. Maintaining this type of attitude also often leads to promotions and an increase in salary.

3. Offer to go the extra mile. Any time there is an opportunity to do more than what is expected of you, do it! This may involve doing something outside of your comfort zone. It may require that you put in extra time, before or after work. The overtime work may not offer extra pay, but it does offer an opportunity for you to set yourself apart from the others in your company in similar positions! If you make yourself valuable to your company, if there is a layoff situation, you will most likely be one of the last considered. You should also offer to help others in your area of expertise. If you work diligently and complete a project, ask others if there is anything you can do to assist them. You will not only have the reputation of going the extra mile, you will soon become someone everyone likes. Working with people you like will increase your overall job satisfaction.

4. If possible, attempt to learn new skills. It is always important to educate yourself on a regular basis. If your company offers classes that will enhance your performance, take as many of the courses as you can take. Upper management will take notice that you are consistently trying to add skills and further your education. These courses and learned information make you more valuable to your company. If your company does not offer courses, you should try to find somewhere that does offer the courses. Make sure your boss is aware of your extra efforts. Again, this is making you more of an asset to your company.

Fortunately, the job market is taking a positive turn. However, even in a flourishing economy, it is important to maintain your current job. When you are job searching, you are much more marketable when you are currently employed. When gainfully employed, you are able to negotiate your salary based on what you are currently earning. There are many benefits to maintaining your current job therefore, use the four suggestions above to assist you with that task!

By:  Barbara Bruno


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