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Your Job Objective Statement Could Be Killing You

Finding Top Talent is what I have done for my clients for the past thirty years.  I was amazed by the job objectives I read on resumes while searching for a high level administrative person.  I networked extensively and it was very clear I was looking for a person to assist me as well as back up the support desk for a product I sell.  I asked for proficient skills and experience.

Let me share some of the job objectives on resumes I received:

  • "Seeking a position in a law firm that will utilize my Political Science Degree."
  • "I will take any job as long as the money is fair and I can learn new skills."
  • "Seeking an administrative position in a medical environment that will utilize my 15 years of medical records and secretarial experience."
  • "Seeking a customer service position in a call center environment."

We are not a law firm, a medical office or a call center.  I don't want to teach someone skills.  I want to hire them!

If you have information on the positions you are applying for, CUSTOMIZE your job descriptions to fit the position you are seeking.  If you do not have this information, either write a very general job objective or take it off your resume.  Incorrect or misdirecting job objectives are a major SCREENING tool for hiring authorities.  Your job is to get the interview - dont' allow your resume to screen you out!

By:  Barbara Bruno


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