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Tips for Job Seekers When Working With a Recruiter

  • Decide to pursue a new job for the right reasons.  Being unhappy with your current salary should not be one of them.
  • Learn from your recruiter.  Often, they are just as valuable as hiring a job coach.
  • Let the recruiter be the mediator for you during compensation discussions unless told otherwise.
  • Recruiters will contact you throughout the process when necessary.
  • To get the best results when working with a recruiter, only identify recruiters within your industry of expertise.
  • Advise your recruiter on other job opportunities that you are currently working on to reduce duplicating efforts.
  • Advise your recruiter on other recruiting firms that you are working with or have submitted your resume to.
  • If you have submitted your resume directly to a company, understand that a recruiter will not be able to represent you at that company.


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