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Recruiters Connection is on INSTAGRAM!

Apr 08, 2018

We have taken the leap and we are now on Instagram (recruiters_connection)

Instagram is a great tool for those looking for their next career move, and we at Recruiters Connection are keeping job seekers up-to-date on our latest job board postings with links directly to the jobs.

Follow us at recruiters_connection and check out our “link in bio” for all the information.  Our photos are exceptionally clever and will quickly capture your attention!

We are gaining new followers everyday … so job seekers, join in and follow us, recruiters_connection, on Instagram to stay “posted” on new jobs as well as our latest “Train and Gain” webinars. 

For more information, please contact us at:


Recruiters Connection Sees Triple Digit Increase in 3 Months

Mar 24, 2016

With the job market changing and becoming a candidate’s job market once again, there is a much greater need for Passive Candidates for open positions.  LinkedIn is certainly a great resource, but what is new on the horizon that Recruiters should know about?

Recruiters Connection has developed a Job Board where only Staffing Firms and Executive Search Firms can post open positions. This Job Board is gaining impressive momentum with both traffic and job applicants and their numbers have tripled over the last three months!

Recruiters Connection is capturing the attention of thousands of viewers, monthly, creating a one of a kind Job Board within the recruiting industry. This Job Board allows Passive Candidates a confidential job search.  They know when applying through this site, they are connected to only Staffing Firms and Executive Search Firms.

Recognizing the advantages of a Job Board that is exclusive to the 3rd Party Industry, Recruiters Connection has partnered with several ATS companies. These ATS companies now offer an XML feed from their ATS directly to the Recruiters Connection Job Board, allowing your jobs to be pulled daily.  (No posting jobs manually)  

This is very exciting news for the Recruiting industry!

Contact Recruiters Connection today, for more information and to get started.


Recruiters Connection: Setting New Standards for the Job Board Industry

May 14, 2015


"Recruiters Connection is Setting the New Standard for “Showcasing” the 3rd Party Recruiting Industry"

With unemployment dropping, companies creating jobs, and baby boomers retiring, quality candidates are back in the driver’s seat! With this changing environment, identifying top talent is only going to become more daunting and challenging!  There is a need to engage passive candidates, as a “Recruiting Industry”.  Imagine, a Job Board where passive candidates can confidentially connect directly with you as an Executive Search Firm or Staffing Agency. No need to imagine any longer! Recruiters Connection has developed and launched a Job Board where only Executive Search Firms and Staffing Agencies can post. It’s only for 3rd Party Recruiters; no corporate Recruiters will be allowed to post.

Today’s challenge for Recruiters is not job orders, but quality candidates.  Don’t you agree?

With thousands of jobs being posted from the Recruiting Industry alone, “Recruiters Connection” will gain the attention of passive candidates, excelling the number of quality applicants to the Recruiters Connection Job Board.

The Recruiting Industry is changing, and we need to change with it!  Learn more, and hear what recruiters are already saying about our services!

Contact Us



Oct 27, 2014


Every job board has to start somewhere! Our beta test has begun with success, and now invite Recruiters Connection Recruiter Group on LinkedIn to join the launch at no risk to you! 

 Recruiters ... you asked, we listened, we launched! 

• A NEW JOB BOARD created for 3rd party recruiters only!  (Corporate recruiters are not welcome.)

• 30-day Free Trial or $99 annual special launch price, you choose (Offer good until November 15, 2014)

Contact Us

• This is in addition to our recruiter-to-recruiter Job Split Board. 

• It's time to separate our industry from CareerBuilder, Monster, The Ladders, LinkedIn, etc. Let's stand alone! 

• As 1,000’s of recruiter jobs get posted on our site, Recruiters Connection will grab the attention of passive candidates that are seeking confidentiality in working with a recruiter. 

• As we stand alone, our SEO as an industry hub will grow exponentially. We are bigger and better together! 

We invite you to join other Recruiters to start posting! 

• Let us drive traffic to your jobs. 

• 30-day FREE Trial (Offer good until 11/15/14)

• Add Your Company and Begin Posting Today! 

Contact Us

Please be patient as we launch and grow. 


RC Launches Job Board Exclusive to the Recruiting Industry

Sep 03, 2014

Move over LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed and CareerBuilder.  It's time the 3rd Party Recruiting Industry stands alone! Recruiters Connection has launched a Job Board exclusively for the recruiting industry.

Are you a 3rd party recruiter and overwhelmed with job orders?  We have exciting news for you!  

We are beta testing our newly launched JOB BOARD. It is going to be a breakthrough for 3rd party recruiters.  Get on board now, we are offering a 90 day trial period, which includes a listing in our National Directory of Recruiters with links to your website, training webinars to support your recruiter training needs and NOW a Job Board by state and industry that is for our industry only!

All this for $99 annually! AFTER 90 days if you are not satisfied we will refund your $99, this refund must be in the 4th month. (Offer good until 9/30/14)


June News at Recruiters Connection

Jun 19, 2012

Our June Newsletter, which is sponsored by Cluso Background Investigation Company, includes articles about post and prey recruitment, and how to generate revenue during the summer months; as well as information regarding our upcoming Train & Gain Webinars, and an exclusive ZipRecruiter promotion, and a free newsletter subscription from Steve Finkel for Recruiters Connection members.

"Post and Prey Recruitment - 3rd Party Recruiter Addition"
By Bill Humbert
Since 1981 as a 3rd party recruiter (contingent and contract) and recruiting manager for a start up CLEC, I have seen our industry quickly evolve our sourcing methods. These are probably the greatest number of changes the recruitment industry has seen since it's founding.

Within the 3rd party recruitment industry, there have always been professional recruiters who treat the industry as a profession. There have also been people who were in the business for the perceived quick money - typcally when the decide that consistent successful recruitment requires commitment and hard, smart work, they leave. Those are the people who send almost every resume they find with the right title to every company who may need a person with those skills. Some recruiters call that practice "wallpapering"... read more

"Have you Heard the Summer Rumor?"
By Rebecca Sargeant
Summer is here and its arrival is signified by the first week of July being one of shortest work weeks of the year. This is the week when the recruitment industry likes to put their rumor mill in high gear and starts spreading the myth “no one hires in the summer.” This gives average performing Recruitment Professionals the opportunity to go on an extended guilt free vacation. The Recruitment Professional still working back in the office is just like the good Farmer. They understand summer is the best time of the year to generate revenue...
read more

Free for Recruiters Connection Members!
Sign up for Top Trainer, Steve Finkel's newsletter for ways to increase your production. His newsletter is complimentary to members of Recruiters Connection. Sign up by following the link below.

Click below to view the entire June newsletter in PDF format.

In order to view the newsletter, your computer must be equipped with Adobe Reader.

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May News at Recruiters Connection

May 15, 2012

Our May Newsletter, which is sponsored by Locate Jobs Network, includes articles about relocation, and sourcing vs. recruiting; as well as information regarding our upcoming Train & Gain Webinars, background check companies, an exclusive ZipRecruiter promotion, and the Fordyce Forum Recruiting Conference.

"Lump Sum Savvy – 2012’s Current Relocation Trend"
By Laurie Johnson
The topic of relocation usually creates a lot of fear and trepidation on the part of a recruiter as they work a placement involving a move. Not only are candidates and spouses fearful, but clients are too. I am often asked what should be included in a relocation package for 2012...
read more


"Do You Confuse Sourcing with Recruiting?"
By Bill Humbert
“I recruit using Dice.” “I recruit using social media.” “I recruit using LinkedIn.” “What is the best job board to recruit sales (or IT or marketing or finance, etc.) candidates?” These are all questions I have seen repeatedly in recruitment Yahoo! Groups or in LinkedIn Groups...
read more


Some background check companies to consider include:
Accurate Background, Inc.
ARS Employment Background Screening

Cluso Background Investigation Company
First Contact HR

Do you have college grads you're not sure what to do with? College Pro has an answer!


Click below to view the entire May newsletter in PDF format.

In order to view the newsletter, your computer must be equipped with Adobe Reader.

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April News at Recruiters Connection

Apr 16, 2012

A Job Sharing Network That is Advancing the Recruiting World!

2012 looks to be off to a great start for most recruiters.  It has certainly been a few years of hard work and dedication to keep most recruiters alive.  We commend all of you who have survived; it was a much longer downturn than we all expected.

As we begin to move forward we really need to start anticipating, what is ahead in the “Recruiting World”?  Yes, the baby boomers are going to start to retire and the amount of jobs openings will be staggering.  Hard to believe with what we all have just been through.   If we as recruiters don’t start to prepare now, we along with the employers will be left shorthanded without enough qualified candidates for the open positions.

Every recruiting firm has an enormous database of which only 5% to 10% of the database is actually used to place candidates.  The other 90% to 95% remain unmatched.  In moving forward and knowing what is coming our way, we can all come together in a win, win situation and make more money and support our clients (employers) in this future fast growing market like we have all never seen before.

The Real Estate market has already accomplished what we are looking to do.  Can you imagine the Real Estate Market without the MLS (Multiple Listing Services)?  All these individual to large real estate companies only working within their own databases, certainly they would not have the sales that they have today, with that MLS!

So now, take that thought and merge that concept into the recruiting business, and now you have the RC Network.  Join recruiters and begin making splits, and be with a fast growing recruiter networking group.  The process is simple, you post a job or several jobs (unlimited postings) we then market your job openings with recruiters who specialize in your industry and state.  The recruiters within the network can then take a look at the posting, if they have a qualified lead they can begin connecting with the recruiting firm who posted the job.  Guess what, there is no additional fee for the unlimited job posting and connections.  The two Recruiters determine how they want to work; and we do not take a percentage of the fee!


March News at Recruiters Connection

Mar 15, 2012

Welcome to Spring!

Recruiters Connection speaks to recruiters every day, and within the last month recruiters are excited and very optimistic about the job market starting to open up.  On our NEW Recruiters Job Split Board we are seeing more activity in the Healthcare, Medical and IT areas.

Recruiters Connection has also seen an increase in "Employers" calling, wanting to get in touch with a Recruiting Firm who specializes within their industry.  These are all great signs!

A testimonial that we would like to share:

"You don't know what you don't know.  Last year I made a decision to invest in a Premium Membership on Recruiters Connection and renewed again.  Yes, the directory works.  I signed a contract with a local health system several weeks ago.  The client located me through the Recruiters Connection Directory.  Called me, we set up  a face-to-face meeting, and they have me working on four positions.  Great ROI.  This is a new client that will keep me busy the entire year!  You need to invest in your business.  That was the best $199.00 I have spent in a long time." ~Joe Feldman, Search Consultant, FeldmanSearch LLC

One of the newest features launched in the past week on our website is our 'Resources & Services' page. Our goal in creating this new area is to provide you, the recruiters, with information that can enhance the day-to-day operations of your recruiting business.  Recruiting resources of companies that provide candidate tracking systems, recruiter funding resources, web design firms, job split placement boards, news, and state and national staffing association information are listed in this area.  We will be adding information to this page on an ongoing basis, so check it out regularly!

We highlighted the following Funding Companies in our March Newsletter: Madison Resource Funding, Clover Resources, TemPay, ECS Contract Staffing Services, TFI Resources, Advance Funding, Sterling National Bank and StaffingFactoring.  They are a great resource to recruiters looking for the following services: Payroll Funding, A/R Processing, Payroll Processing, Insurance and Employer of Record.


February News at Recruiters Connection

Feb 14, 2012

Cromwell, CT - February 14, 2012

Our February Newsletter for Recruiters is launching tomorrow!  It includes information on our Recruiter Train & Gain Webinars and Recruiter Resources.

We are also highlighting Applicant Tracking Systems for Recruiters.

Recruiters, are you thinking about changing your current system?  Is 2012 the year to add an Applicant Tracking System? Consider one of these systems, PC Recruiter, Staffing Soft, Akken, Applicant Stack, BrightMove or Big Biller.


Recruiters Connection Launches Monthly Newsletter

Jan 19, 2012

Cromwell, CT - January 2012

Starting this month, January 2012, Recruiters Connection has launched a monthly newsletter!  Their aim is to give recruiters more information on the tools and resources available to the recruiting industry. There will be updates on their Train & Gain Webinars, resources and more. Top national trainers in the industry present the complimentary bi-monthly webinars, and this month’s webinar is “Success is an Attitude” presented by Pamela Jett. Each month they are also planning to highlight companies that facilitate recruiters to achieve results., an online leader in certified clerical testing, is being featured this month and they offering recruiters a 20% discount off all tests through Recruiters Connection!


New Job Split Placement Board Launched for the Recruiting Industry

Jul 27, 2011

Cromwell, CT – July 2011

During the past few years of economic slow down, many recruiters have stayed in business by working with their competitors! Yes, you read that correctly; recruiters have been working with other recruiters to earn revenue.  Recruiters accomplish this through working job splits or split placements, as it is called in the recruiting industry; when one recruiting firm has a position that is difficult to fill and another recruiting firm has a candidate that is a perfect fit for the position. One of the recruiters reaches out to the other recruiter to work together.  

Now there is great news for the recruiting industry! The “reaching out to other recruiters” part of the equation is now solved.  There is a new Job Split Board for split placements that has just been launched by Recruiters Connection. It allows recruiters to post open positions and then, get this, it then sends an email to all the recruiters in their network (industry specific) announcing the new job posting and split opportunity! It is truly amazing; Recruiters Connection has basically answered the prayers of all the recruiters out there who want to work with other recruiters within their industry and use split placements to earn additional revenue.

The “RC Job Split Board”, as it is called, has some great features including unlimited job postings and connections. And Recruiters Connection does not take a percentage of the fee, as another job split placement network may do.  The only requirement is Premium Membership, which is just $199 annually.  (Note: Premium Membership also includes a top listing in the National Recruiters Directory on the site, with links to the recruiter’s website, job openings, and company profile, to name a few).

Recruiters should definitely check out this new alternative for Split Placements and join Recruiters Connection in their quest to brand, train and build revenue for recruiters.

For more information on Recruiters Connection, the Job Split Board and other benefits for recruiters, you can visit their website


As Employment Opportunities and Job Openings Increase, Finding and Interviewing Top Talent will be Challenging without using Recruiters and Staffing Firms

Jan 20, 2011

A Connecticut based company, Recruiters Connection, can truly simplify the employment process for employers and job seekers.  At a time when unemployment has reached record numbers in the United States, over 14 million Americans are currently not working, Recruiters Connection believes that, "every job seeker and employer needs to start gearing up for big changes coming their way."

Our current "unemployment crisis" is about to give way to another "employment crisis" for both job seekers and employers.  Who would think that with the coming surge of jobs, that there would be another employment crisis?  But the fact is, there will be over 14 million job seekers applying for jobs, chaos is looming! 

The owners of Recruiters Connection, Pat O'Connor and Susan Miller, believe that the answer to this "employment crisis" will be to utilize a recruiting firm, executive search firm, temp agency or retained search firm.  They feel that the "Recruiting industry" is going to boom.  O'Connor and Miller gave their views on the current situation and provide tips for employers and job seekers.

As the economic conditions begin to change, companies are starting to evaluate their hiring needs.  Employers, who choose to run ads on major job boards, newspapers or their websites, will find their HR Departments overwhelmed with the amount of resume flow from both over and under qualified job seekers.  The time commitment for HR departments to sift through hundreds or thousands of resumes is not only costly, but ineffective in identifying "top talent".  Employers, why use a recruiter? An effective recruiter will utilize their skills to review resumes and identify qualified candidates, helping to alleviate the burden on the HR department.

In this environment, HR departments should not lose sight of external networking which is a critical component to surfacing top talent.  With greater demands, HR recruiters will find it difficult to maintain an external professional network.  Remember that much of the top talent is still employed and may not be submitting their resumes.  Networking is a recruiter's expertise; it is an activity that they perform on a daily basis.

These are some of the challenges that the employer will be faced with, what about the job seeker?
Job Seekers are going to need to strategize their approach when applying for a position today.  They need to have a great game plan to execute when dealing with these types of employment conditions.  When jobs were so robust in the US, just a few years back, job seekers may not have taken as much time in preparing for the job search and interview process.  Yes, the market will start to open up, but are job seekers ready?

What is going to make job seeker stand out, be unique, and produce a resume that will grab the attention of a perspective employer?  The job seeker needs to think of themselves at a company, waiting for an interview in a hallway amongst many others applying for the same position.  What will make that individual shine above the rest and win out over the competition?

It's time for job seekers to re-evaluate a few basic things:

Re-evaluate the resume!  Start with the "look," check spelling (misspellings happen often and are deadly), shorter rather than longer resumes, bullets rather than paragraphs, well formatted verses just put together, just to name a few.  A resume is the first impression with perspective employers; remember a resume could be among thousands sitting on their desk.

Re-evaluate interview preparation and the follow-up process!  Job seekers need to investigate the company culture and plan attire accordingly.  Image is important.  Consider the following: updated attire, eye contact, a strong handshake and a handwritten thank you note goes a long way. Do enough research on the company and have questions ready, which shows interest in the company.

Times have changed, and job seekers need to change with the times!

With the overabundance of job seekers, phone screening and video interviewing are becoming more prevalent tools to support a cost effective interviewing process for employers.  Job Seekers will need to prepare for this process. A couple of interview tips to remember in addition to the basics: create a professional atmosphere, and determine a time and place that there will be no interruptions for both the phone screen and video interview.  With the vast number of job seekers, employers may shorten the time given to each job seeker for the screening process.  Most decisions by the interviewer are made within the first ten minutes.

Another critical issue is social networking.  Employers are utilizing social networking sites as a tool in their job search process.  Sires such as Facebook, LinkedIn, My Space, and Twitter must represent job seekers professional.  Adjust accounts, photos and commentary prior to starting a job search.  When using emails and texting, remember to keep it professional.

Recruiters will be a great asset to job seekers.  Recruiters can provide resume tips, coach job seekers to help them stand out from the competition, negotiate salaries and get them working again.

Job seekers should find a recruiter within their specific industry and geographic area.  Job seekers need to do their homework, so they are ready for the job search.  Recruiters Connection suggests that job seekers interview several recruiting firms and identify one or two firms who will represent their best interest.

Recruiters are in a position to help support employers and job seekers in what promises to be an expanding economy.  With more companies looking to hire well-qualified individuals, workforce expansion would be less effective without recruiters.

Recruiters Connection is here to provide the bridge.

Recruiters Connection will guide, train, educate and support job seekers, employers and recruiters within this fast paced and ever changing world of employment... to simplify the job search and hiring process.

Recruiters Connection is much more than just a National Directory of Recruiting Firms.  They will facilitate and enhance all aspects of workforce expansion for the future needs of our nation.

Read article online here.


Hartford Business Journal Interviews Recruiters Connection

Dec 08, 2009

Pat O'Connor, principal at Recruiters Connection, was recently interviewed by the Hartford Business Journal about Tapping Into the Hidden Job market.

What are you hoping to achieve with

The goal of Recruiters Connection is to be the leading portal connecting all job seekers, recruiters, and employers.

Your site started in March with one recruiter and now you say you have more than 15,000.  What drove the rapid increase in your growth?

In preparing for future economic recovery we were motivated to develop Recruiters Connection.  To best achieve our goal we needed to have all of the recruiters in the U.S. on our site.  With that in mind, it was the steadfast determination and dedication of our team that we were able to complete the information to get all 15,000 staffing agencies in all 50 states into the directory.

What advantage is there to a recruiter to be one of the 15,000 on a website? Does it hurt them not to have some kind of exclusivity in the kind of website?

As Recruiters Connection establishes itself as a trusted brand we believe that all recruiters will look to be listed on our site.  Our site offers them visibility with their competitors and the potential to standout with a premium listing.  A premium listing enhances a recruiter's position on the website and should direct more employers and candidates to their business.  For those recruiters that do not elect to have a premium listing there still will be visibility, which should bring them additional business at no cost.  We believe that competition breeds success.  It certainly doesn't "hurt" a recruiter not to have exclusivity, as you call it, but upgrading their listing to include top ranking, a link to their website and email capabilities is a definite advantage.  In addition, all recruiting firms listed have the advantage of gaining search engine optimization through out site.  Our directory also lists recruiting firms by state and by industry at no cost, which allows for a more comprehensive listing.

Do you charge to be affiliated with your site?  Besides the Google ads, how does your site make money?

Recruiters Connection does not charge for a basic listing for a recruiting firm which includes company name, city and phone number.*  Should a recruiter choose to have a direct link to their website they can upgrade their listing for a minimal fee to gain better exposure on Recruiters Connection.  This upgrade includes top ranking in the directory, a link to their website and a direct email link to receive resumes.  These upgrades are one source of income.  Other current and future income will include independent advertising, affiliate programs, webinars and job split services.

Your site mentions, "Job seekers can learn about open positions and opportunities within the 'hidden job market'."  What percentage of jobs is filled on the hidden job market?

The "Hidden Job Market," represents job openings that are not advertised through sites such as Monster, CareerBuilder, Hot Jobs, as well as newspaper advertising.  These positions within the "Hidden Job Market" are often given to recruiters to work on due to confidentiality issues, unique qualifications, etc.  Job seekers just need to "tap into" the recruiters listed on Recruiters Connection to discover the possibilities in the "Hidden Job Market."  The percentage of jobs filled through the "Hidden Job Market," is difficult to estimate, but what we do know is that only a small percentage of open jobs are advertised.

Does this site replace old-fashioned networking?  It seems as if recruiters used to have extensive personal networks that would help them fill positions.

Recruiters Connection does not replace old-fashioned networking, we enhance it.  Recruiters Connection is a very simplified way to have recruiters networking all over the country with recruiters to extend their "personal networks."

Read full article here.

*A basic membership is only $49 per year!



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