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How can I add my company to the Recruiters Connection National Directory of Recruiting Firms?
It’s easy! Just click on Add Your Company and follow the instructions.

Is there a cost to be listed on Recruiters Connection?
There is a cost to have your recruiting firm listed annually as either a Basic ($479) or Premium Member ($979). If you would like to learn more about our memberships go to Premium Member Benefits or Add Your Company if you are not currently listed.

How can we upgrade our listing on Recruiters Connection?
To upgrade your listing from Basic to Premium Membership, you need to login to your account and link to the Upgrade Now.

How do we update and/or edit our company information?
Sign into your account manager through the Member Login.

Can recruiting firms post job openings on Recruiters Connection?
Yes, as a Premium Member you can post jobs to our Job Board (for 3rd Party Recruiters only, no corporate recruiters allowed).

Can a job seeker send a resume directly to a recruiting firm?
Yes, as a Premium Member a job seeker can upload a resume directly to you through your company profile and/or through a posting on our job board.

Can an employer receive a resume directly from a job seeker?
No, employers cannot receive resumes directly from job seekers. An employer can contact a recruiter that is listed on our website and work with them to fill open positions. We recommend that employers read our resource on “Why Use a Recruiter?” on the Employers menu.

What is a job split board?
It is an opportunity for recruiters that have job orders that they cannot fill on their own to work with other recruiters to fill the positions. Recruiters Connection is facilitating the ability for recruiters to partner with one another and work through job splits. Learn more

Is there a cost to use the RC Job Board and/or Job Split Board?
Using the RC Job Board and Job Split Board are a benefit of Premium Membership.

How do we sign up for Train & Gain Webinars?
Click on Train & Gain Webinars for the webinar training that you would like to attend.

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